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I once met Roger Waters on an elevator, correction Sir Roger Waters, this was right before he embarked on The Wall tour, it was like 2010 I believe.  I didn’t ask for a picture or autograph since he hears that all the time, I enjoyed the moment of just meeting someone from the legendary band Pink Floyd. Funny part of the story is, I invited him to come see my band play that night at a crap hole club in Santa Monica. I told him I’d put him on the list. I was politely told he would not make it but have a good show. After we exited the elevator I had to laugh at myself, like Sir Roger Waters would have to pay to enter a venue ever . HAHA  guest list.

I started out as a drummer, my skills were not the best, plus when ever the group I was in at the time would play out, people would say that I was a better singer than the one we had. I took lessons and never looked back.

I used to sing to ants to pass my time as a child. I am not sure if they enjoyed it,  but it provided them some entertainment while they worked. I would often wonder if any of the fellow ants would yell, “CHANGE THE CHANNEL”

I believe in aliens, ghost and delicious food.

01 Every time I hear a helicopter pass by , instantly I hear “You! Yes, you behind the bike sheds, stand still laddy


02 Peeling oranges was never that fun to me, but I sure like to eat them.

03 I’m really going to try and post more on here, promise!

Time travel in my car (studio pt.2)

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9703.94 miles (not a journey across the country and back)

291 total hours in car

100+ cups of coffee (from Whole Foods and Starbucks)

83 Howard Stern Shows  (laughs to help ease the traffic pains)

And 2 days shy of a year



Some of my thoughts go here

It all starts Sept. 12 2015. After being seen live at a venue in Santa Ana, I was contacted by Carey on FaceCrook on Sept 14th telling me he had caught a show live and felt that vocally I would be a good fit for a project he was putting together. Sept 22 marks the first day we actually met. I can remember he the long drive, 43 miles from West Hollywood to Huntington Beach. Yeah I know that really does not seem like a lot, but in terms of California traffic, it means 2 hours’ drive one way.  The drive back was not always as brutal; normally it was 45 minutes to an hour.  BUT again it’s California so many times they have lots of the expressway lanes closed down for “repairs”. Let me state, I saw lots of cones blocking lanes that could not be used, even police cars reminding you that they couldn’t be used, and yet not once did I ever see a worker.



Silence is golden, duct tape is silver

I arrived around 9:00pm and met Carey at his front door, never having heard the material. He says “Hi, ready to record some vocals?”.  First time I have ever just actually met someone and started recording in 5 minutes or less. And on a song I knew nothing about. That song turned out to be Restless In Fate, the demo version.  It was all tracked in 2 hours.  Not to kick that around any longer but that was the first meeting, the first time tracking, and the journey had officially begun. Now as I type this its two days shy of a year and I have finished tracking the vocals on Haunt of Jackal’s debut CD.


I was originally going to log all the daily happenings in the studio, what was tracked, by whom and at what time. Turns out that it was too big of a task for me to take on. First I was not there every time someone tracked and second it was a task that I could not stay focused on. Maybe next time I’ll just pay someone a couple of bucks to do it. For my part I started recording actual vocals and not scratch vocals on Aug 29th,  and was completed Sep.19.




Days tracking vocals.

  • Aug29:
  • Aug30:
  • Aug31:
  • Sep01:
  • Sep02:
  • Sep05:
  • Sep06:
  • Sep07:
  • Sep08:
  • Sep12:
  • Sep13:
  • Sep15:
  • Sep19:

Here is where taking notes would have helped; I can’t list what songs were done when because in truth I have no idea.  I will keep you updated on the status. The mixing process begins, and while this goes on I return to Screaming Bird to record more of my next solo CD.  A great day to you all!  ~Wreck

As of Aug 17th we (Haunt of Jackals) have hit the studio, working with producer Cameron Webb (Motorhead/Megadeth) . At 6:30pm we loaded into the studio and began pre-production. We started with working the arrangement changes to the song 11th Commandment. At the moment this is one of my personal faves that will be on the disc, haunting elements to it, cool vocal chant part as well as straight metal in the verses and chorus. When I was first sent the original track to work on my lyrics ideas. This was one of those that wrote itself; I was so into the groove that I literally penned the lyrics in 20 minutes.  This was also in the early stages of working with Carey and Geoff, so I was pretty uncertain what their thoughts would be or even what they were looking for. Fortunately they both dug it and we recorded the demo version pretty damn fast. The guitar riff to this song is so freaking awesome, heavy and catchy, it sticks with you right from the launch into the riff. The lyrics or inspired from Dante’s Inferno.  This is actually my second attempt at writing lyrics based on that subject. This song has a variety of cool changes, but that verse riff, I am telling you, is killer.


Aug 18th:  12:00pm We began working arrangements to Concrete Overcoat, a pretty fast driving tune. We spent the day on this one locking in changes, at this point in the pre-production they are mainly focusing on all the music parts. Most the vocal stuff will be addressed once we hit the vocal recording process. After the all the arrangements on this track were reached, I left. Geoff and Carey began working guitar parts with Cameron on a track  that is currently called Wreck’s Nightmare, however I do believe this is at the moment at least just a joke between the band at the moment, good story that I’ll share once the album is released. I believe it will be called Throw It Away, but who knows.


Aug 19th: When I arrived at 11:20pm Cameron, Geoff and Danimal were already there and working on the parts to Wreck’s Nightmare or Throw It Away. Carey arrived shortly afterwards and they  worked a bit longer on the arrangement, I was in the vocal booth  working on some possible vocal ideas on the song for the verses. The chorus for this song is already complete, there is a big time commercial chorus on this one. After we worked on this one about an hour, we moved on to These Wounds, the is our slowest track so far. We worked a couple of hours and called it the day.


Aug 20th: The fellas worked without me on this day, running through the songs listed below.

  • Restless Fate
  • Pound Of Flesh
  • In My Head
  • These Wounds (Writing a different chorus for this one)

So that’s the brief run down from the first few days in the studio. I’ll will certainly continue to keep you posted. With that being said, here are a few crazy facts for your enjoyment.

  • A California woman once tried to sue the makers of Cap’n Crunch because Crunch Berries contained “no berries of any kind.”
  • There is an uninhabited island in the Bahamas known as Pig Beach, which is populated entirely by swimming pigs. Pig Beach Video (enjoy)
  • In a 2008 survey, 58% of British teens thought Sherlock Holmes was a real guy, while 20% thought Winston Churchill was not.
  • A British man changed his name to Tim Pppppppppprice to make it harder for telemarketers to pronounce.
  • Barry Manilow did not write his hit “I Write the Songs”.

    Until next time, XoXo Your pal ~Wreck




It has been way too long since I posted on here. I do intend to pay more attention to it, my neglected little WordPress page!


Hello and how is the world, all is chaotic as ever. When the puzzle is in front of me and needing to be put together it’s a task I am always willing to take. I remember when I was a child I used to always take my electronics apart; I would tear right into them, I wanted to see the guts of the device and what made it work? The gears in a clock, the speakers in a radio, the motherboard in a computer. What ever, I had to see it, and if it broke I had to at least see if I could repair it. It just blew my mind how little pieces could complete something so amazing. It’s ran-dumb comment for sure, but at the core of it all I am sure it was a part of what inspired me later to craft lyrics. True, things I witnessed growing up contribute a big part to what I write, but at the core I think my mind has always had a verbal puzzle that it’s been trying to put together. Our past, no matter how far back we go, will always play a part of our growth. Strong inspiration is part of my lyric writing. Another is the news and books I read. For instant the RKP song Jesus Jones, is based on Jim Jones, I remember as a teen seeing a documentary based on him, I got so tripped out by it that I read a couple of books based on him. A great read is Raven. After much research I was inspired to tackle it lyrically. I went at it from three different perspectives:

  1. The victims
  2. Jim Jones
  3. The family of the victims

I wanted to attempt to write what each side felt, which was a hard task in a song under four minutes. The first verse is the members listening and receiving his message. He was a master with his words. Sample lyric: “So now I’ll crawl under your soul, you’ve been blessed to ignore all of life’s regrets” and “have they ever been there for you, my hand is here”. The pre chorus is Jim preaching his craziness: “blessed is you, messed is me, the rest will see”. I was happy with the last line as “The rest” would be the world, as it was about to witness his terrible act. The chorus was the family pleading with the victims not to join: “will they stand or will they fall, never mind him just don’t join”. After it was all said and done I was really happy with the outcome. The best thing is once I knew what I wanted, the lyrics just flew out of the pen.


Chasing was inspired by people moving to Los Angeles chasing their dreams and losing out to drugs or the streets in general: “Sometimes we’ll sell our souls, just to get the things we want, don’t need” So like Robert Downey Jr’s character in Due Date said “The streets are not paved with gold, they’re paved with the carcasses of fucking imbeciles like you who think they’re gonna go there and make it.” The first year I moved here I knew three people that lost to the streets.


Lift Me and All Join in are both based suicide, I have lost several friends to this, it’s never easy and such a sad tragedy for all involved. The surviving family however has to continue to love and hurt for the loss. I have always said if someone is crying out, listen! They speak the pain for a reason.  “Oh, can you lift me , when I feel down just pull me a long, can you help me when I feel cold and no one’s there to save me”

Lift Me

Killigan’s Island originally came about on an acoustic guitar, and as I played the riff the lyric idea crept in. This was another one where the lyrics just came out fast, just simply based on a serial killer. I was basing my killer on a guy that people would trust and he had no problem getting the victims in his house, which was his “island.”

Well I hope you found this a good read, maybe the next post I’ll talk about a couple more of my songs!



Ran-Dumb Wreck Stuff:

Favorite Color: Blue
Brand of Mics I use: Shure
Favorite movie: Magnolia
Currently reading: Doctor Sleep
Vocal lessons: Yes
Favorite TV Shows: American Horror Story, Hells Kitchen, Bates Motel, The Following to name a few.
Currently reading: Doctor Sleep
Interesting: The average raindrop is about .1 mL, or about .003 ounces.

Interesting: The first steam train, a prototype steam road locomotive, was built in 1784 by the Scotish inventor, William Murdoch.

Interesting: Luohan guo is the sweetest fruit on earth. It does not contain any sugar.

 Interesting Facts:

Interesting: Ants are capable of carrying objects 50 times their own body weight with their mandibles.

Interesting: Elephants don’t like peanuts.

Interesting: Elephants are the largest land animals in the world.

Interesting: Elephants are the mammal that can’t jump.

Interesting: Elephants are cute.

Interesting: In 1845, President Andrew Jackson’s pet parrot was removed from his funeral for swearing..

Interesting: The first American film to show a toilet being flushed on screen was Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Interesting: Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time

Interesting: There are over 200 corpses on Mount Everest and they are used as way points for climbers.

Interesting: Russia didn’t consider beer to be alcohol until 2011. It was previously classified as a soft drink.

Interesting: A hummingbird weighs less than a penny

Interesting: If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die.

Interesting: When snakes are born with two heads, they fight each other for food.

Interesting: A cockroach can live several weeks with it’s head cut off..

And now here is something to wiggle your booty or tap your toes to.