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It has been way too long since I posted on here. I do intend to pay more attention to it, my neglected little WordPress page!


Hello and how is the world, all is chaotic as ever. When the puzzle is in front of me and needing to be put together it’s a task I am always willing to take. I remember when I was a child I used to always take my electronics apart; I would tear right into them, I wanted to see the guts of the device and what made it work? The gears in a clock, the speakers in a radio, the motherboard in a computer. What ever, I had to see it, and if it broke I had to at least see if I could repair it. It just blew my mind how little pieces could complete something so amazing. It’s ran-dumb comment for sure, but at the core of it all I am sure it was a part of what inspired me later to craft lyrics. True, things I witnessed growing up contribute a big part to what I write, but at the core I think my mind has always had a verbal puzzle that it’s been trying to put together. Our past, no matter how far back we go, will always play a part of our growth. Strong inspiration is part of my lyric writing. Another is the news and books I read. For instant the RKP song Jesus Jones, is based on Jim Jones, I remember as a teen seeing a documentary based on him, I got so tripped out by it that I read a couple of books based on him. A great read is Raven. After much research I was inspired to tackle it lyrically. I went at it from three different perspectives:

  1. The victims
  2. Jim Jones
  3. The family of the victims

I wanted to attempt to write what each side felt, which was a hard task in a song under four minutes. The first verse is the members listening and receiving his message. He was a master with his words. Sample lyric: “So now I’ll crawl under your soul, you’ve been blessed to ignore all of life’s regrets” and “have they ever been there for you, my hand is here”. The pre chorus is Jim preaching his craziness: “blessed is you, messed is me, the rest will see”. I was happy with the last line as “The rest” would be the world, as it was about to witness his terrible act. The chorus was the family pleading with the victims not to join: “will they stand or will they fall, never mind him just don’t join”. After it was all said and done I was really happy with the outcome. The best thing is once I knew what I wanted, the lyrics just flew out of the pen.


Chasing was inspired by people moving to Los Angeles chasing their dreams and losing out to drugs or the streets in general: “Sometimes we’ll sell our souls, just to get the things we want, don’t need” So like Robert Downey Jr’s character in Due Date said “The streets are not paved with gold, they’re paved with the carcasses of fucking imbeciles like you who think they’re gonna go there and make it.” The first year I moved here I knew three people that lost to the streets.


Lift Me and All Join in are both based suicide, I have lost several friends to this, it’s never easy and such a sad tragedy for all involved. The surviving family however has to continue to love and hurt for the loss. I have always said if someone is crying out, listen! They speak the pain for a reason.  “Oh, can you lift me , when I feel down just pull me a long, can you help me when I feel cold and no one’s there to save me”

Lift Me

Killigan’s Island originally came about on an acoustic guitar, and as I played the riff the lyric idea crept in. This was another one where the lyrics just came out fast, just simply based on a serial killer. I was basing my killer on a guy that people would trust and he had no problem getting the victims in his house, which was his “island.”

Well I hope you found this a good read, maybe the next post I’ll talk about a couple more of my songs!



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