Time travel in my car (studio pt.2)

Posted: September 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

9703.94 miles (not a journey across the country and back)

291 total hours in car

100+ cups of coffee (from Whole Foods and Starbucks)

83 Howard Stern Shows  (laughs to help ease the traffic pains)

And 2 days shy of a year



Some of my thoughts go here

It all starts Sept. 12 2015. After being seen live at a venue in Santa Ana, I was contacted by Carey on FaceCrook on Sept 14th telling me he had caught a show live and felt that vocally I would be a good fit for a project he was putting together. Sept 22 marks the first day we actually met. I can remember he the long drive, 43 miles from West Hollywood to Huntington Beach. Yeah I know that really does not seem like a lot, but in terms of California traffic, it means 2 hours’ drive one way.  The drive back was not always as brutal; normally it was 45 minutes to an hour.  BUT again it’s California so many times they have lots of the expressway lanes closed down for “repairs”. Let me state, I saw lots of cones blocking lanes that could not be used, even police cars reminding you that they couldn’t be used, and yet not once did I ever see a worker.



Silence is golden, duct tape is silver

I arrived around 9:00pm and met Carey at his front door, never having heard the material. He says “Hi, ready to record some vocals?”.  First time I have ever just actually met someone and started recording in 5 minutes or less. And on a song I knew nothing about. That song turned out to be Restless In Fate, the demo version.  It was all tracked in 2 hours.  Not to kick that around any longer but that was the first meeting, the first time tracking, and the journey had officially begun. Now as I type this its two days shy of a year and I have finished tracking the vocals on Haunt of Jackal’s debut CD.


I was originally going to log all the daily happenings in the studio, what was tracked, by whom and at what time. Turns out that it was too big of a task for me to take on. First I was not there every time someone tracked and second it was a task that I could not stay focused on. Maybe next time I’ll just pay someone a couple of bucks to do it. For my part I started recording actual vocals and not scratch vocals on Aug 29th,  and was completed Sep.19.




Days tracking vocals.

  • Aug29:
  • Aug30:
  • Aug31:
  • Sep01:
  • Sep02:
  • Sep05:
  • Sep06:
  • Sep07:
  • Sep08:
  • Sep12:
  • Sep13:
  • Sep15:
  • Sep19:

Here is where taking notes would have helped; I can’t list what songs were done when because in truth I have no idea.  I will keep you updated on the status. The mixing process begins, and while this goes on I return to Screaming Bird to record more of my next solo CD.  A great day to you all!  ~Wreck

  1. stevetfowler says:

    Can’t wait for this to hit. You better believe I will lay my money out. I have shared the Restless in Fate demo around and I always get the same response, even when it isn’t their preferred genre of music. The response? It is generally somewhere along the lines of “Man, that suckered has some pipes on him. You can tell he has talent and skill.” I always agree…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. stevetfowler says:

    *** sucker…. dang auto correct…


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